Happy dogs make happy people


Good things...

I was lucky to find Dog SF’s website from a Google search and I’m SO happy that I did. Rick is such a great addition to our (and our corgi Jerry’s) routine. Jerry walks with Rick three times a week when we’re at work and he is always SO happy when we come home.
— Marina H.

I highly recommend Dog SF & Rick to anyone who is looking for a reliable and caring dog care provider.
— Cynthia P.

I could not be more grateful to Rick and Mara at Dog SF. I recommend them very highly to anyone looking for top-notch care of their pups!
— Ashley S.

Dog SF has saved us. With commutes down south, our little Beauford was alone too long. We really wanted to find someone who truly loved dogs. Enter DogSF. B has had some medical issues and Rick has really helped by flexing between play group and quick walks based on B’s health. Now that his schedule includes on daily play, he is relaxed at home. He’s never been happier. Very satisfied! I highly recommend.
— Kate S.

What can I say other than Rick rocks. He’s been the daytime custodian of my naughty English Bulldog Daisy and she is such a happy little dog as a result. In fact she gets more excited when Rick comes to take her out than she does when I come home.
— Tony S.